Kath Hodgkiss is our Youth Leader

If you have any questions or thoughts
please e-mail:
or text/phone Kath on 07876 334192

SLDA require a male youth leader for 2019.

The position involves, covering the topics in the Youth Fundamentals.
Stoves, First Aid, Map reading and compass, cooking,
Setting up camp and safe camping.
Oh yes and a sense of humour.
If you are interested in taking the position
please contact any member of the SLDA committee.

Youth Calendar

Astley Green
8th– 10th Feb
Stoves and Cooking
(Please bring your own stove)

Warton Cricket Club

29th – 31st March
First Aid

Map reading Thumbnail
Cartmel Racecourse,
19th – 22nd April,
Map reading and Compass work

Sycamore Farm
25th – 27th May
Plan & Cook a meal,
Pitching a tent

21st – 23rd June
Review of Youth camping,
fundamentals & kit inspection

Herons Nest
11th – 12th July
Mock Weekend









SLDA Youth Leaders retain the right to change, add, or
remove anything on this calendar at any time

If you want to practice MORE on any aspect of the fundamentals please speak to Kath,
we will only be too happy to practice with you.

Please make sure you have adequate camping, provisions, remember it can get cold and wet, be prepared.
If in doubt check your fundamentals, If in doubt contact your youth leaders.

Happy Camping
See you all soon